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  • Trained For Sales

  • Books Appointments

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MAXXGPT is Your Key to Effectively Managing an Unlimited Pool of Prospects Across All Your Communication Channels.

It's the difference between being overwhelmed in a sea of conversations, and having an adept A.I. as your boat hand, tending to the intricate network of customer interactions while you confidently steer your business.


  • Wasted Time

  • Leads Left Behind

  • Customers Not Replying

  • Overwhelmed Staff


  • Time Savings

  • No Missed Opportunities

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Staff Well-being


  • Wasted Time

  • Leads Left Behind

  • Customers Not Replying

  • Overwhelmed Staff


  • Time Savings

  • No Missed Opportunities

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Staff Well-being

Check Out All The Ways You Can Leverage MAXXGPT

MAXXGPT Handles Conversations with Multiple Types of Contacts From Answering Questions to Booking Appointments

Manage All Conversations Right From Our App

MAXXGPT Will Be Your

Support Representative

Navigating customer queries used to be a daunting task. What would typically require round-the-clock attention and a large team can now be efficiently managed in real-time!

With MAXXGPT providing personalized and reliable customer support has become a breeze.

  • It integrates across all major messaging platforms, ensuring consistency in service.

  • It can be trained on your specific business support policies, providing reliable and accurate responses.

  • Available 24/7, MAXXGPT works tirelessly, ready to answer customer questions whenever they arise..

In essence, it's like having a dedicated support representative that never sleeps.

MAXXGPT Will Be Your

Sales Person

Driving sales conversions just got easier. The need for your sales team to field basic inquiries and sift through leads has been reimagined!

With MAXXGPT, supercharging your sales process is as easy as flipping a switch.

  • MAXXGPT is adept at handling common inquiries and qualifying leads to streamline the sales journey.

  • Configured to align with your sales protocols, it delivers accurate responses, ensuring leads are warmed up and ready for more in-depth discussions.

  • Available 24/7, MAXXGPT seamlessly sorts through leads, passing only those ready for the final push to your sales reps.

In short, MAXXGPT is your ever-ready sales facilitator, ensuring your sales reps can concentrate their efforts on pursuing the most promising leads, resulting in higher sales conversions.

MAXXGPT Will Be Your

Appointment Setter

Scheduling appointments has never been simpler. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calendar management!

With MAXXGPT, streamlining your appointment process is as easy as a click.

  • MAXXGPT works in harmony with your Google calendar, efficiently handling appointment requests.

  • It ensures precise appointment set-up and reminders, keeping your clients informed and ensuring all appointments proceed as scheduled.

  • Available 24/7, MAXXGPT meticulously manages your Google calendar, accommodating new appointments and any necessary changes at any time

To put it succinctly, MAXXGPT is your dedicated appointment coordinator, freeing your team to concentrate on providing exceptional service, while it manages your scheduling needs.

MAXXGPT Gives You Everything You'll Need to Successfully Communicate With New And Existing Clients Using Artificial Intelligence

These Features Make Onboarding Your New A.I. Assistant Effortless!

With MAXXGPT You Can...

Train it On Your Business Info

Designed for easy information integration. By uploading a Google sheet containing your business's questions and answers, you essentially equip the A.I. with a detailed knowledge base about your business. This information guides MAXXGPT in responding to your customers accurately and contextually.

Moreover, MAXXGPT offers a "Conversational Emulator" where users can have practice dialogues with the AI. These mock conversations serve as training sessions, further refining the A.I.'s responses, much like the onboarding process for a new employee. These combined features make MAXXGPT not just an AI assistant, but a well-informed and trainable part of your team.

With MAXXGPT You Can...

Automate Conversations Across Channels

MAXXGPT is equipped with comprehensive multi-channel messaging capabilities, thanks to its seamless integration with LEADMAXX. Whether it's via SMS, voicemail, social media platforms and soon to be email, MAXXGPT responds to your customers across all channels available, ensuring consistent and timely communication.

This holistic approach allows your business to be where your customers are, offering them a unified experience, irrespective of their preferred communication channel. In essence, with MAXXGPT your messaging becomes as diversified and dynamic as your customer base.

All Plans Feature

  • Custom MAXXGPT A.I. Chat Assistant

  • FAQ Training Database For Your A.I. Assistant

  • Built In A.I. Training Emulator

  • A.I. Chat support for Organic Social Media: Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Google My Business Messenger

  • A.I. Chat Support for Paid Ads: Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

  • Website Chat Widget

  • Zapier Integration

  • Missed Call Text Back



Get a FREE 14 Day Trial

then just $140/month after

For small or medium sized businesses with ongoing marketing support.

  • 800 Message Credits Included Monthly



Get a FREE 14 Day Trial

then just $300/month after

For growing businesses focused on scaling and lead generation.

  • 2,000 Message Credits Included Monthly



Get a FREE 14 Day Trial

then just $600/month after

For mature organizations with ongoing daily chats looking to be more efficient.

  • 4,000 Message Credits Included Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can this work for a Dentist? Chiropractor? For a Gym? For a Real Estate agent? Yes.
    AI chat solution is able to be applied to virtually any small business. If you have customers messaging you we can help.

  • Can this answer phone calls for me? No. Currently, MAXXGPT only supports text-based channels such as SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and GMB

  • Can this work for email? No. MAXXGPT is currently only built to support short-form communication such as SMS, FB Messenger, IG Messenger and Google My Business. We do plan on incorporating email as well soon, so stay tuned for updates!

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